Susan Prout is also an intuitive healer recognized for ability to simultaneously serve multiple levels of dis-ease in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. Symptoms of dis-ease are clues that our body, mind and spirit are unbalanced.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sessions
Reiki: Reiki Master (USUI, Karuna & Seichim)  
Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sessions

Angelic Frequency Therapy
Aura Imaging (RFI): Learn to recognize the    limits and strengths of your energy field

As an Intuitive Angel Artist Susan sees into the angelic realms to see the angels in their pure light form. This rare and unique gift was given to Susan at a very young age during near death experiences. Giving her a most unusual view of energy and how it touches and connects us all.​

Susan's visions of color and energy have assisted her to create Solfeggio Mandalas. Awakening within us, an inner light that heals the heart, releases the spirit and connects us all to create something greater than the sum. Without limitations...with Gratitude, with Joy, with Love.

Solfeggio Mandalas raise the vibration of the space in which they are placed inviting all present to move and sustain a higher vibration.

​Adult Coloring Books & Meditation Deck

What is Susan up to Now?


​​​by Susan Prout

Healing Art with a Conscious Heart

Susan is an incredible healer and lightworker. Her artwork isn't just pretty, it's an extremely potent tool that can be used for healing, raising consciousness, connecting to the higher realms and so much more. 

Tammy Nelson The Joyful Lightworker